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SMS as a medium for business communication


SMS (Short Message Service) has been a highly effective medium of greatest choice for businesses to communicate about various important & urgent notifications about anything they need to notify to their customers. These messages are non promotional and transactional in nature & can be delivered to any mobile number and any point of time depending upon the urgency, be it Financial Transactions, financial status, membership details, membership status, any registration number, purchase status, dispatch status, delivery status etc… etc… the list is ever expanding. The templates of such messages need to be approved in advance. These messages can be sent through the alphabetic ID. Your software / website / web application can easily be integrated to send these messages automatically depending upon your system / crm updation through API (Automatic Protocol Integration) codes.

Various service businesses use this technology to keep their customers timely informed. Apart from businesses this technology is highly admired by Schools, Colleges, Education Institutes, Universities to keep their students / parents to keep them updated about anything of their choice like- Absents, Daily homework, PTM, Marks Obtained, Results, any event, Thought of the day, principal messages, birthday greetings & so on.

This service has enabled the businesses, institutes etc to make a positive mark on the image of their organization.

This service can be availed from any service provider you feel comfortable with, who provides quality service, who is always in reach, have technical support & etc. All you need to purchase the BULK SMS from the service provider & get your system integrated & enjoy the freedom of manually sending such SMS


Bulk sms marketing

Bulk sms is the best way of marketing. Bulk sms is an effective tool for communication and product promotion today. Bulk sms is the most suitable ways of communication. Text messages can remain in the inbox for a considerable period of time and delivery can be accomplished with the table behind a delivery report. This is why most companies and firms prefer SMS to communicate with their customers and potential customers. Normal marketing calls and advertisements in the form of print etc waste the time of the receiver and can remain calm as the repetitions of the same more than twice a day. This is made possible through the Bulk SMS solutions when there are a large number of recipients. With a single mouse click on the computer SMS can reach hundreds of thousands.
The bulk sms can be defined as an easy and affordable communication and advertising when beneficiaries involved are in bulk. Today, most companies have international customers. The world is getting smaller. All this is possible thanks to advances in technology, especially communications technology. Everyone in this world can be seen by anyone on the face of a mobile number or email. A mobile phone number can be considered short to reach the address of the person directly. It is important in business and trade issues to track a customer using his mobile number. Provide updates on new products and services will certainly increase the return generating more and more sales.